A Fantastic Opportunity to be Part of a Comic Magazine as it is about to start

Comics have a long and proud history. The ancient paintings on cave walls were a graphic way of recording events of the time. Even first article and the formulation of the written signal picture drawings yielded a record of events.

Known records of these type of things are the cavemen paintings plus the pictures on the walls of the Egyptian burial cambers in the Pyramids.

The invasion like England concerning the Normans (French) under William the Conqueror in 1066 AD was recorded on a 230ft tapestry known as the Bayeux Tapestry where the embroidered pictures are indeed accompanied by words.

Modern comics have been around in one form or fresh for over dual hundred years and are a popular way of easily solid a story. Just about every child has learned to read using abstract comics that grew and grew in complexity as the reading age increases. Marvel comics are famous for the introduction of the Super Heroes whose kudos has never died also even now in 2012 Batman and Captain America are languish around although they may have morphed into movies.

But the use about cartoons in movies and on Televisie and their fabulous victory still has its base firmly in the pulp comic that most of us at individual stage or another have express et al cherished. In many countries the level of spoken English by the younger generation owe massively to the fact that the cartoon organization is predominantly English so all kids have reinforcement from their English lessons at school.

Still in development this is a chance for readers to get in on the ground floor furthermore combine up essentially an owner by contributing to the capital required. The initial idea has been proposed by a Vietnamese man living in Denmark, Europe and is now ably assisted via other from around the world including Brits, Slovakians and Japanese guys mutuality of whom love comics and Manga and are putting massive efforts in to realize the magazine.

All lover like Comic books and Manga are urged to visit the website and sign up. There are many ways you can contribute to make the project a success. Not the least of which is contributing funds but in rider you can assist by writing and submitting stories, advertising to your friends and acquaintances.
If you hunger to really own part of the network contribute 1,000 Euros and membership of a new and exciting online comic bookshop is yours.

In Japan comics are still churned out and sold by the ton. Japan is the land of the manga where the comics for adults are A4 in sized and are often up to 2 inches thick.

In the UK there are now new Online Comedian Shops and magazine for comic lovers. Here is where you can Chap Comics Online. Here is where you are invited to become a member, a shareholder, a hack of your own comic stories and where you can get around paid artists to actually draw the pictures to turn your play line into your own comic.