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Started as a cognomen based subscription by Schlicht & Field in 1886, Cosmopolitan began with a circulation of a modest 25,000 copies in 1886. The rights of the magazine were then sold in 1888 to E.D. Walker who went on to introduce innovative methods to increase Cosmopolitan’s popularity. The periodical proceeded to change hands multitude times, till it became the most popular magazine incessant with a whopping circulation of 2,000,000 copies in the United States alone! Today, Cosmopolitan is available in 100 different countries in various languages.

Cosmopolitan is considered the woman’s magazine; discussing fashion tips, relationships, lifestyles et cetera careers, broadly lovable to women from the ages of 18 to 48. It is also that pulp which men can open to seek some much needed relationship advice! Cosmo, as it is popularly referred to, features a special column called ‘ Claim Him Anything’ where a male writer gives away relationship advice to women seeking answers. This captivating segment lends a sum inventive perspective to several issues helping problems to be solved quite easily.

The subscription features various topics including celebrity gossip, anecdotes, tips on method and trends, reviews on new products in the market and much more. The etiquette trends featured nay only cater to the rich but provide ample options for everybody to improvise their own wardrobe. There are various further catchy features and editorials that are published regularly to keep the reader’s interest peaked; yet another attribute that makes Cosmopolitan one of the most illustrious magazines the world over!

The Cosmo quizzes are very popular among young women; further are quite often used as a testing ground of sorts for several relationships. The compatibility quizzes give insights into your budding relationships and personality quizzes may just admit a minor expanded about you. There are also loads of contests that offer winners cash prizes and amazing new products, thus constantly upping the excitement quotient of this particular magazine.

Over the years, Cosmo has evolved into an important aspect in most people’s lives, women in particular. The world’s favorite magazine provides plenty about content and stories that readers over the world, love moreover follow. Cosmo is aspirational yet achievable, sexy and smart, beautiful and authentic and so much more. A little bit of everything is positively what makes Cosmopolitan. Fashion, fun, fantasy, feminine, fabulous; this makes Cosmo most desirable!

Cosmopolitan is available in the digital format in a language that you prefer, catering to readers everywhere. Yearly online subscriptions to the magazine help save a lot of money in addition to being a great way to read them. Indiging it on the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, iPod, Windows 8 and internet browsers, if you are a magazine lover, digital platforms are the preeminent way to organize and read. Carry your copy of Cosmo everywhere and read it on-the-go!

Digital newsstands are fast gaining popularity among journal lovers as they are convenient and eco-friendly. As worldwide warming threats escalate at an alarming rate, a multiplex of people are opting for the digital format. Go green and choose digital; the environment will thank you!