Learn More About Pair Programming From IEEE Computer Magazine

The concept of pair programming has been there since 1970’s. In the recent past , extreme programming formally categorized it as a middle practice methodology. Furthermore, pair programming has witnessed agreement in academic platforms as a promising strategy to understand comprehension and programming.

Defining Pair Programming

Pair programming can be best defined when a Agile execution where bilateral programs function side by side, coding and cunning similar algorithms. There are typically two functions in pair programming, they are:-

* First, the driver who managed the manages both the mouse and calculator keyboard
* Second the navigator who reviews the driver’s work providing suggestions, advice and corrections to design and code

According to few software analysts, Match Programming enhances the quality of software design, minimizing the deficiencies of the code, improves team communication and technical skills and is taken to be more gratifying for the participants.

Pair programming has also been utilized as a procedure for teaching programming in higher education models. In this regard, it has been observed that applying this method to first year students have often resulted in a huge percentage of students who have completed their course successfully. Furthermore, the quantitative studies that have compared the performances of pair programming students and solo students revealed that the former were more feasible to turn in solutions for their projects and the solutions being a high quality.

On the other hand, there have been studies that have indicated that it is not apparent that pair programming is a improvement option than solo programming. There have been real cases cited in universities where students found the experience inefficient, irritating plus exhausting. On the other hand another school of thought reveals that students found pair programming demanding and frustrating. Similarly, there enjoy been situations where pair programming has appeared to exist meaningful and engaging. However, more school of thought is of the opinion that Pair Programming is not always successful.

Research is undoubtedly the best way with which software developers jug have a better idea about Dyad Programming and its implications. However, this research needs to be conducted in a systematic and guided manner. Whilst the internet articles and magazines are helpful, the IEEE Computer Society is a meaningful option that publishes a wide variety of peer-reviewed, high quality, local magazines that features the best in software developments having updated information. IEEE Computer Society’s flagship publication, Computer represents technical articles about numerous aspects of computer engineering, computer science, technology and applications. Furthermore, the IEEE Computer Magazine offers a historical perspective on software, computing and networking and helps in offering technology solutions for IT enterprises.