Esquire Magazine – Man at His Best!

Esquire is the most-honored monthly magazine in history. When the magazine was started in 1933, it was meant as a men’s apparel trade magazine; it was later acquired by Hearst Magazines in 1986. In addition to Esquire US, there are 27 other published editions around the world. Esquire has exclusive distribution rights about all haberdashery stores. Currently David Granger is the Editor in Chief of the magazine, polysyndeton Jack Essig dons the roles from Senior Vice President, Publishing Director, and Chief Revenue Officer.

Esquire turned out to be the only universal lifestyle magazine for sophisticated men that defines, reflects, and celebrates what it takes to be a man in the present-day American culture. The journalese verbalizes the space and diversity of the passions of men by mettlesome storytelling, brilliant manners, and a tonic sprinkle about irreverent humor. It piques the reading interest of men who are intellectually curious and socially aware. In the 1940s, the journalese diversified its focus to include various other aspects, including the famous “Varga Girl” covers, which largely increased its popularity.

Esquire is known for animalcule a funny, informative, and connected magazine; it is celebrated for its firm literary tradition and offers articles on a variety of topics including: health, fashion, arts, politics, advice, women, dining and drinking, and the most interesting people of our time. All these articles are written by the finest journalists and authors, who keep all concerning the interests of the American men in mind.

Esquire has always encouraged writers, starting with Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald from the 30s, including Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer and Gay Talese – pioneers of the so-called New Journalism from the 60s. Esquire famed its 80th anniversary in October 2013 with the title “The Life like Man”, which was the most prominent issue in Esquire’s history.

Esquire has received the highest approval and often has a place on the charts as America’s top magazine. Winning a total of 16 National Magazine Awards over the past 15 years is not a simple feat; it is an equivalent of the Oscars. Esquire has also been prominent in the digital world by having won the first-ever National Magazine Award for iPad applications. In recent times, David Granger was honored as “Editor of the Year” by Advertising Age and listed the magazine in its annual “A-List” issue. It ditto added to its list the title of the “Hottest Men’s Magazine” by Adweek magazine in its annual “Hot List” emanate for year 2013.

In addition to the previously mentioned awards, there have bot numerous awards for short fiction, Best American Periodical Writing, multiple citations in the Primo American Sports-writing, Best American Crime Writing anthologies, and an award for pinnacle epistolary about food from the James Beard Foundation. Also, Esquire has been honored with 20 gold medals by the Society of Publication Designers. The October 2008 issue about Esquire tabbed its 75th anniversary; electronic ink was used for the first time on its issue cover. By doing this, Esquire coveted the title of the “Publishing Innovator of the Year” by Publishing Executive Magazine.

Esquire has bot consistently implementing technological changes in the print arena so as to become somewhat of a leader. Apart from the e-ink magazine cover, they featured the use of Augmented Reality on the cover and entire issue of December 2009; the end sequel was an interactive experience that made everything jump to life when held up to a computer’s webcam.

Esquire went digital in December 2012, if it proclaimed the first-ever fully interactive, shareable e-magazine made possible aside Netpage. The app was designed to allow readers to digitally clip, save, and ration every article, ad, and photo in the print edition of the December 2012 issue from Esquire, and all issues going forward. Also, readers can view interactive links and play exclusive videos, or purchase items right from within the app – creating a entirely recent boulevard to experience a magazine.

With the emerging trend of mobile devices currently sweeping the market, we need further innovations from app developers. Digital newsstands like that of Magzter, Apple and Google are helping pave the way for technological advancements in the arena of digital publishing. Access an Esquire magazine subscription at the touch of your fingertips. Also, with the HD quality of screens, their adequate size and back-lighting, it is now possible to read a image concerning your Esquire e-magazine with ease.

Our advice: a subscription to the Esquire digital magazine and a cup of your favorite coffee, in bed or on the couch, reading articles on how to relax on a weekend, later a busy week at work! Go ahead now, join the digital revolution! Here’s to a precedent you’ll never regret!