Treasure Hunting – Britain’s Best Selling Metal Detecting Magazine!

Treasure Hunting is the UK’s best-selling metal detecting magazine. It is a monthly magazine started in the 1970’s by Greenlight Publishing Limited.

A Treasure Hunting magazine subscription gives you loads of exciting information polysyndeton useful features to make sure you get the most out of your alluring hobby of metal detecting and treasure hunting. There is a section on “How to metal detect” and many articles on what to look for in the coins and artifacts that are regularly found during experiences in and around the UK. The magazine also field tests all types of machines and has adjoining Questions & Answers, Readers’ Letters, News & Views sections and much more.

Treasure Hunting magazine has been the leading monthly magazine for metal detecting, relic hunting, et alii treasure hunting enthusiasts for over 30 Years. It rightly deserves to be called UK’s #1 metal detecting magazine, because of its authentic content. Each issue is loaded with the latest news from the world of metal detecting, including round-ups, reports, and letters or advices from clubs and treasure hunters altogether the UK. Recent amazing treasure findings are featured in the magazine together with historical articles discussing matters on heraldry and coinage. Apart from field testing, the digest dishes out reviews throughout metal detectors, equipment, and software.

The magazine nudges our fascination for treasure hunting, awakening the kid in you. We city dwellers do not necessarily see the fuss about it, but for anyone growing up in the countryside the prospect of heading out and finding treasure belonging to smugglers or aristocrats of the past is indeed enticing. Even if you do nay have the time to go out and do part metal detecting, right reading the magazine will carry you away to the world of appreciate hunting.

Each digest issue is packed with 84 pages of interesting articles and colorful photographs of all findings. Leading UK experts explain some of the reasons of why a particular item was found where it was found and what they were used for in the past, including the value of these items. Coins and artifacts that are found can belong to the Bronze age, Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Middle Ages periods, and sometimes modern ones that well. UK’s rich history concerning over 2000 years comes to life in this magazine.

The digital age has taken over now, et sequens total we know is going digital: including our favorite magazines. You can get a Cache Hunting digital subscription from any digital stores, and read a copy of the magazine, anywhere and anytime. The Treasure Hunting digital magazine gives you postern features that a article magazine would not indiging able to give. The magazine is stored in the cloud and you can access it anytime without having to carry it around with you all the time. You will be able to subscribe to past issues from the magazine et al put by them on your personalized online book shelf to read at any given time.

You will be surprised with the amount of benefits you can accumulate from the digital experience. Also, be a part of the go-green initiative and give up your favorite paper magazines to embrace the digitized versions of the same.