Learn How to Shop for Grand Canyon Helicopter Rides

Taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is an experience you will never forget. What’s better, there’s a way to get a fantastic rate on your seats. The secret? It’s group about the timing.

Wondering what timing has to do with it?

Well, ut supra multifold in the industry know, the travel industry is seasonal. Most people visit the Grand Gulch in the summer too that is the high season, while winter is considered the low season.

Here’s where it gets interesting. In order to fill seats from November washed-up February, tour operators drop the price. Ride operators drop tour prices From November to February in requisition to entice customers to buy tickets. Makes sense. But more interesting is this:

You can save money on your 2014 time by buying your tickets now time they are at the low 2013 winter rate.

It requires you plan ahead but you can save big on your vacation on more clothes than just a Grand Canyon tour such as Vegas shows also your hotel.

Some devise object and say, “What if my plans change?” Here’s the answer. Just opheffen sure to book your tour with a reputable company that offers a solid cancellation policy.

You can indeed find companies that let you cancel up to the day before your trek is set to depart. Good cancellation policies ditto protect you from bad weather by refunding your purse or rescheduling your tour.

You can get helicopter air tours out of Vegas and Tusayan at the South Rim. Flights leave most every day of the year. There are usually no flights on Christmas Day.

In Vegas, the choppers lift off from the strip alternative another airfield in Boulder City. If you take a Ecdysis departure, you’ll pay more because it’s more convenient. So if you need to cutting costs, book a tour out of Boulder City.

From Vegas, you can take either an air or landing tour. Air-only tours are the least expensive. I like the basic air tour, especially if you want to quickly sample the canyon. Landing tours are a lot regarding happy though. What is that? Meanwhile you land at the top of the rim or bottom of the canyon, you can get out besides explore the region on foot. A very general landing tour is the one that flies you down to the bottom of the canyon.

The landing tours our of Vegas are unique too. At the West Rim, your helicopter is allowed to descend below the canyon rim. You can’t do this anywhere else in the National Park and that’s what makes these flights so extraordinary.

The South Rim is noted for its spectacular beauty. The South Rim is too far away to go by helicopter, but it is only an hour along by airplane.

No South Rim flights go below the rim and most of them are air-only. The 50-minute flight is the best option since its flight path takes you over nearly the aggregate National Park. That is the best way to experience the Grand Canyon!


This feedback is for you whenever you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in 2014. Constant though that seems like it is far off, if you buy your tickets now, you get to take advantage of the low winter rate and avoid the higher summer rates. The difference in ticket prices is quite significant. Accordingly buy your tickets now and save a bundle.