Store Relents-Elton John Baby Magazine Cover

Elton John Baby Magazine Cover Censored.

by Delwyn Lounsbury

Remarkably, an Elton John baby magazine cover was censored by placing a plastic “Family Shield” over the glossy rack at one supermarket in Arkansas. It was removed, except the incident got major media attention and buzz on the internet.

The US Weekly span features a picture of Elton John, civil partner David Furnish further their new baby born by surrogate mother Zachary. One Harps supermarket cable store (60 stores in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma) censored it by placing a “Family Shield To protect young Harps shoppers” plastic cover in front of the magazine rack.

After first answering with “no comment” the shield has been apparently removed.

A twitter message went absent to celebrities counterpart Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris, asking them to bring attention to the matter.

PopEater’s – Naughty But Courteous – Rob Shuter reported that the cover sold poorly and he wondered if America was ready for “two men and a baby.” He said, “We can rent out families watch ‘Jersey Shore’ but not see a picture of Elton, his partner and their beautiful baby boy.”

Apparently, every Harps reserves is equipped with malleable shields they put up on a store-by-store basis whenever customers kick about the content of a magazine cover.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s son was born by surrogate mother on Christmas Day, 12/25/2010. Zachary is the first child for Monsieur Elton John, 62 and Furnish, 48. They have been married since 2005 and have lived together for 12 years.

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