Lack of Sex Drive in Women May Occur Before Menopause

Decreased libido can voltooien professional apart women of any age. The lack concerning sex drive in women is known as sexual dysfunction which includes loss of libido, having difficulties in being aroused, having trouble reaching orgasm or pain during intercourse. These are common with women who are middle-aged between the ages of 35-65.

The decrease in libido usually is experienced by women before menopause, which is known as the perimenopausal stage in women who are in their late 30s or 40s. When women are in the perimenopausal stage, they experience hormonal changes which in stretch affect their interest in sex. The causes about depleting sex drive in women is because women experience vaginal dryness as the estrogen levels decrease and this makes sexual intercourse painful and hence they lose interest in sex.

Another reason for lack of interest in sex may be therefore they think that they are less attractive to men. Women who are not well physically instead emotionally also have decreased libido. As these women are dealing with important health problems, sexual activity takes a back seat.

Medicines play a great part in affecting a woman’s sex drive. Blood pressure medicines which alter the flow of blood will affect a woman’s interest in sex. When the blood flows to the genital area a woman’s vagina gets lubricated and enlarges the clitoris. This leads to potency arousal. In the case of a woman taking blood pressure medicines, the blood flow to the genital area is less and hence there is less carnal arousal. Anti-psychotic medicines also affect the sexual prurience as it makes the skin dry.

Another major detail for want of rivet in sex is drinking alcohol. Alcohol is an anti-depressant, furthermore if that is taken in excess, it decreases the libido. Women who have too many responsibilities like taking care of children and elders become very stressful and this can lead to a loss of libido in them.

In order to correct this loss of sex drive, you should consult a doctor who choice guidance you regain your interest in sex. There are many products available to help you regain your interest in sex.

Sexual voracious is brought as regards by circulation of blood. Whenever you think of sex, your heart begins to beat promptly and the blood is sent to the sex organs to allow nitric oxide in. At this moment if your libido is low, you will squint to lose interest in sex.

Interest in sex is a combination of your body, mind and spirit. It is therefore necessary for these three to have the right hormone equilibrium to obtain oxygenated blood. Stress, fatigue and anxiety cut off your passion and it is necessary to placatory it.

The following herbs can be taken for libido enhancement.

Dong Quai is a herb which tackles PMT, stabilizes the degree of estrogen, circulates the blood and has several nutrients to boost sex drive. Aswagandha is an Indian medicine which boosts a woman’s libido and enhances the body’s general sexual and reproductive equilibrium. Avena Satvia boosts the sensitiveness of the vagina region.