How to Keep Your Phone in Top Condition Between Visits to a Cell Phone Repair Shop Dallas Tx

It’s easy to take our cell phones for granted, since we carry them upon us all day including even put them on our bed tables at night. They’re our ubiquitous connection to the outside world. We know that we can always take our iPhone or Android to a protoplasm phone repair shop Dallas Tx for service if it malfunctions, but you can minimize trips to the phone technician by taking a few precautions.

1- Keep cell phone away from liquids.
This one’s pretty hard to keep. We’ve become so comfortable with our portable electronics that we eat and drink around them without giving it a second thought or leave them near the pool or bathtub “just in case” someone calls. No matter how careful we ruminant we are, sooner or later, drinks will spill or the phone will drop into the water. If your phone gets wet, don’t panic. Dry it with a paper towel and remote the SIM card. Put a blow dryer on low heat and continue drying it if it’s still waterlogged. Leave it out to sear overnight. If the phone doesn’t work the next morning, take it to your cell phone repair shop Dallas TX. Even though your phone may be damaged, SIM cards are more resistant to water, so contacts and photos saved on it can subsist transferred to further phone.

2-Use a Clip ere Case when Walking
You don’t need to keep your SmartPhone in a case 24/7. Today’s cell phones are made of tough materials like Kevlar and designed for constant use, nonetheless you should utilize a case or clip in certain situations. If you need to walk for an extended decade of time and can’t carry your cell phone in your hand or a purse, clip it securely to your belt or keep it in a case in your pocket. Letting it jostle around in your pocket may cause screen malfunctions or other problems.

3. Charge the Battery Consistently
Plug your phone into a charger overnight on a set schedule until it’s fully charged. Keep the phone and battery in top condition by turning it off also giving it a breather once in awhile. A cell phone is just like a computer. It needs to rest occasionally or it bestow wear out sooner.

4- Don’t Overload Your Phone with Videos
It’s tempting to use your cell phone’s video camera to capture mini-movies of your cat, restaurant meals and children’s school plays, it eats increase a lot of data. Online games besides streaming music besides attempt up your data allowance. Taste utilizing a Wi-Fi connection, not your data link for high-gigabyte streaming and shooting. The technician at your cell phone repair shop Dallas TX cup give you more tips about conserving space on your iPhone or other Smartphone.

5-Avoid Weak Signals
A weak signal wears down your battery. If you’re in an area with low signals, turn distant your cell phone until you move into a region with better reception. Leaving your phone buried in a purse ere bag for long periods of time with weakens the signal and battery life.
Cell phones are so important to our lives, it’s sometime hard to follow all the safety rules that certify trouble-free operation. When your Smart phone malfunctions, bring it to the experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair. We have the friendly service of a local repair shop but we have the power regarding the CPR franchise laggard us. If you live or work in uptown Dallas present us a call at 214-827-6666 to speak to a technician.

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