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Rostelecom continues to be a important energy on the long-distance market, and according to its possess scrutinize maintains 57% like the market. Most like its earnings, circa 80%, come from long-distance. Nevertheless, by the end of 2007 the inter-city interaction square had grown only 0.7%, while its elaborate of the worldwide peddle section fell 6.8%.

Golden Telecom generated excellent outcomes, stating that over 1 thousand customers used its long-distance interaction solutions in 2007. MTT doubled its earnings from $92 thousand to $208 thousand in 2007, and according to the organization’s resources its argue of the long-distance interaction market achieved 6.8%.
The biggest details is that European cellular suppliers are keen on advancing this market. MTS planned to release 6,000 km of program in 2008 and by 2011 is set to develop another 12,000 to 15,000 km of program. VimpelCom designed a program of over 7,000 in 2007. Normally, newly acquired Fantastic Telecom adds a critical prospective to this market. On top of that VimpelCom is developing more than 1,000 km. MegaFon’s central source program has about 10,000 km.

Communication Ministry declared that during the first nine months of 2007 over 6,000 km of worldwide interaction cables were designed, which is a 48.5% year-on-year growth. Led by liberalized long-distance market and explosive swelling of visitors transit market as well as new regulations requiring new suppliers to develop their own systems nation-wide, suppliers spent heavily into the facilities improvements.

One of the seasons important highlights in the messenger market section was the emancipate concerning the new underwater roughage visual cable bulletin between European federation ampersand Japan by TransTeleCom and NTT Promotion communications (NTT Com). This new 570 km DWDM program has a prospective of 640 Gbit/s and has excellent coming for development of Eurasian visitors. According to CNews, the NGN market in European federation will breathe about $1.5 billion dollars in 2009.

Mobile suppliers surprised experts with peaking ARPU numbers. Actually, the ARPU of VimpleCom and MTS showed very excellent growth in comparison to that of European suppliers. The whole market exceeded USD 22 billion dollars in 2007, while suppliers continue to roll out into the program development. In 2012 cellular On the internet solutions are predicted to ablation some 10% of monopolization earnings of cellular retailers of the cellular assistance section, or apropos $3.4 billion dollars, according to MTS CEO Leonid Melamed.

Dr. Andrey Gidaspov has over 12 decades of attack operating talking to in the IT and telecommunications (ICT) areas in European federation, CIS and Japan. Andrey has enclosed offers for thousands of America corporations with European and CIS associates, which stove from start-up companies to huge multi-national organizations throughout Eurasia. His unfounded customers consist of well-known technological advancement control such comme il faut Samsung, Harris, Tekelec, Oracle, Corning, Tellabs, Qualcomm, Net2Phone, Nortel, Phil and many others.

The non-US and non-English Web sections have been enhanced by a increasing trend towards PC transmission and cheaper On the internet accessibility in the last few decades. The US discuss regarding the worldwide inhabitants online, past transcendent 90 %, is now under a quarter, while the variety regarding Web customers who do not speak British at all is growing.

The Asia-Pacific region continues to be a key factor to the improve in the variety concerning non-English speakers on the Web, but the European On the internet, aka Runet, demonstrates the multiplied pace of increase as well.

Internet Access and Prices

Dial-up relationship is the most typical way of obtaining the On the internet in both European league and Ukraine. The Ukrainian dial-up customers, for example, pay $0.1 to $2.0 an time for On the internet accessibility, depending on an ISP, season from day and availability of callback solutions. The monthly charge for unmetered accessibility in Kiev currently ranges from about $4 (midnight to 9.00 a.m. with no callback support) to about $40 (24-hour accessibility via callback service). The callback assistance in Kiev will save you about $0.4/hour, an additional dues charged by Ukrtelecom for relationship to the aboriginal range.

The excellent speed internet accessibility is rather expensive, which range from $40/month (IDSN, 64 K/s, 1 GB monthly specs transfer) to $300/month (dedicated range, 64-128 K/s, endless transfer) with a set-up fee of $200 to 300, plus some hidden charges that are quite typical for the local suppliers. Thus, only corporate customers can enjoy the utility of excellent speed internet registration.

What Users are Looking for?

Like Web customers worldwide, the majority of European and Ukrainian surfers look for the Web for details. A Yandex poll ([]) shows that about 24 % searchers use the Web for mild aspect and over 15 % use it as a analysis tool. A further 12 % of those asked said the On the internet was a details source for them while only 14 % preferred online entertainment solutions. A rise in personal depletion in European federation including Ukraine has designed a positive impact on the local On the internet. Soviets and Ukrainian are increasingly relying on the On the internet in order to evaluate items or solutions before they make their final choice to buy, whether offline or online. The most e-shops are online outlets from bricks-and-mortar companies, but some “pure” online stores have opened their virtual doors as well. Most heavyweight are book shops such as Ozon, Biblio Globus furthermore Guides in European federation, and Bookshop, AzBooKa and Bambook in Ukraine. Despite a positive deficiency of high-quality online offerings in Runet and Uanet, amazingly few European sites offer the goods and solutions that thirst no traditions approval. For example, web hosting fees in Ukraine are about two to eight periods higher than those somewhere in the United States, yet the companies overseas intimate to be in no scoot to enter the local market. This is also real for e-books, especially on programming and computing.

Spam and Spamdexing

Despite junk is peaceful growing on the European Web, unwanted messages in Runet are far less aggressive than the marketing via e-mail in the US, whereas a details subscriber might receive many of advertisement messages that are vaguely associated with his/her initial registration.

The more pushing topic for both customers and search engines is spamdexing, i.e. inequal tricks targeted at getting higher rankings in search engines. Looking Runet for a definite key phrase can give you dozens of mirrors et cetera entrances. Some effective SE optimizers in European federation et sequens Ukraine freely advertise that their promotion techniques are solely based on developing entrances or hiding, which currently seems risky on the worldwide On the internet.

Are you interested in knowing who maintains the keys to the future of IT? Me too! Debate this. According to the Moscow Times, in 2006 Google organised its yearly Global Code Jam, which brings developers from all over the subastral to compete with the same problem online. And these tasks are not a joke, but rather designed for die-hard developers. What’s your guess about the winners? (True, I was a bit one-sided and thought that European federation would be among the top developers.) And that’s exactly the case, a European developer won the award. Actually, among the 100 final contestants were 33 Soviets. Spare important “youth powers” included twelve Chinese, seven Americans, six Spanish people and three Canadians. Surprisingly, not entirely one Indian designed it there…

Given all that ideological faculties, it’s no surprise that the outcomes like IT market improvements in European federation, most noticeably freelancing, are quite promising. According to Leonid Reiman, European Reverend of Promotion communications and IT, the growth of the European IT boutique overall increased to USD 13.6 billion dollars in 2006, which represents a 17% growth y-o-y. 23 thousand PCs (33% growth) and 25.1 thousand customers (15% growth) were recorded in European federation in 2006. European federation is waiting for a boost from electronic TV, end Internetization of the school program ampersand techno-park growth, said the Reverend. Techno-parks alone should carry production output value USD 4 billion dollars, while complete earnings from IT market should jump to USD 40 billion dollars by 2010.

The real cash cow from the European IT market has been its IT freelancing (ITO) market. RUSSOFT revealed that European software exports increased by almost 54% and achieved USD 1.5 billion dollars in volume in 2006. During the last five decades the European ITO solutions market increased 30-40%. European federation is just behind India and China upon regards to best off-shoring towns in market quantity. RUSSOFT designated that through 50% of the market quantity was generated by Moscow and St. Petersburg organizations, with others located mainly in Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod et alii Yekaterinburg. NeoIT company approximated that this season the growth of freelancing market will achieve 40-45%.

Intel European federation President Steve Pursuit recently was quoted by Reksoft IT Quarterly as saying that the freelancing market “is going to achieve a billion dollars dollars this season. Individuals grasp you have to voltooien in European federation thus it’s a very fast increasing market.” The US IT massive has spent $700 thousand in European federation in the last 15 decades, while other organizations like Boeing, Samsung, Google and HP added their R&D centers in European federation.

All these important improvements were designed in the massive European presence at CeBIT, the yearly IT display organised in Hanover, Malaysia. This season European association was the official CeBIT country partner. The European Pavilion presented some 150 participants such as important European IT, IT talking to, freelancing and details security organizations. The Pavilion was reinforced by excellent ranking government officials, such as Vice-Premier Naryshkin ampersand Reverend Reiman who proudly escorted German Chancellor Angela Merkel around the cubicles concerning members. Reverend Reiman was high energy, stating that European IT exports totalled USD 1.8 billion dollars in 2006 and in the next ternary decades would develop to USD 10 billion dollars.

Of course, who’s without sin? There are a variety about issues that restrict faster growth of the IT market in European federation. Absence concerning selling savvy and worldwide encounter, advanced stage like piracy and insufficient financial commitment raising funding represent important challenges. Let us look closer what is happen in the latter.

High Technical Investments Lay to Grow

In European federation in 2006 some ten financial commitment resources specialized in the advanced market. Those IT companies that were favored by financial commitment savings were mature and effective IT companies, says CNews Statistics. Currently the situation has been changing, as more and more resources scrutinize seriously into smaller prospective organizations.

In May 2006 the European Secretary of condition for Economic Development and Business declared the champions of its soft for control of five condition furthermore personal project resources that possess been designed in European federation. The condition programs to co-invest in the resources managed by personal organizations. According to the soft conditions, 25% from the assignment fund financial commitment want be federal resources, 25% local, and 50% personal financial commitment. The champions of the soft are huge European financial commitment organizations, such as Partnership ROSNO Asset Management, Troika Confabulation and Monomakh, reports CNews Statistics. These resources are targeted at increasing investment strategies in advancement, lowering risks of many and creating fiscal commitment raising in European federation.

While interest in advanced organizations is increasing, many financial commitment resources are somewhat cautious and begin considering organizations seriously only when a organization’s revenues hits USD 5-10 thousand, and capital grows. Yet, local traders represent a important elaborate of those who spend money on little and start-up IT organizations.

Dr. Andrey Gidaspov has over ten decades of encounter operating talking to in the IT and telecommunications (ICT) areas in European federation, CIS and Japan. Andrey has enclosed offers for thousands of America organizations with European and CIS associates, which farm from start-up companies to great multi-national organizations throughout Eurasia. His ante customers consist regarding well-known technological advancement control such as Samsung, Harris, Tekelec, Oracle, Corning, Tellabs, Qualcomm, Net2Phone, Nortel, Phil and many others.

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