Her World Singapore Magazine -#1 Women’s Magazine in Singapore

Her World Singapore is a monthly women’s magazine. Launched in 1960, it is the first English-language women’s magazine to be published in Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, further Vietnam (since October 2008). The magazine is published by SPH Magazines, a secondary of Singapore Press Property (SPH).

Her World Singapore is the #1 women’s magazine in Singapore, as it provides the best of information to the fashionable who seek an authority on fashion, beauty, women’s issues, career, health, relationships, and lifestyle trends. The readership boasts about 189,000 readers, easily placing it as the best-read women’s magazine in Singapore.

Some of the features of the magazine include:
In-depth interviews and exciting reviews based on subjects that interest the modern woman
Insider fashion also fashion makeovers by editor Patrick Sin
Beauty tips and beauty makeovers – taught by experts
Beauty porter – how to deal with tricky beauty problems including finding exclusive beauty products and services
Latest trend studies furthermore must-buys
Interesting insights into love, sex, entertainment, career, money, IT, travel, food
Cheat-sheets – where shortcuts are given to manage finances, health, work, and fitness better
City Guide – where clearly presented poop is available on the hottest places to shop, eat, party, stay or visit in different cities each month
Horoscope – an article by renowned astrologer and founder concerning Astrology Zone, Susan Miller

Her World keeps its gallery engaged and hooked-on to its exhaustive utilitarian on relevant issues and international trends. The magazine captures the essence of a modern woman in Singapore, who is sexy, savvy, and smart. The magazine produces perpendicularity talk about relationships, money, and work, including a refreshing take on women’s issues. Her World is considered the pulse of the Singapore woman.

Her People claims to live everything that a Singapore woman needs wholeness in one magazine. Recently, the magazine has seen some refreshing changes and additions. Apart from some of the features mentioned earlier, there is a new section, Foreword; a precursor to the magazine, engorged with updates on what is trending for each item month of the issue. Also, Love Men Sex, which includes short articles dealing with men, keeping in mind both single and married women – lots of advice or tips are dished out on how to handle relationships. SPH Magazines makes known that it is “committed to delivering maximum value to readers, furthermore that’s what we want to achieve with the refreshed Her World.”

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With a Her World Singapore e-magazine, for example, you can go around access to stimulating links, and interactive content analogous quizzes, content, etc. Also, some apps nowadays pledge unlimited emporium in the cloud, then allowing you to keep all the magazines you purchased. If only the digital version of the magazine existed earlier, then we wouldn’t need to worry about storage.

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