Construction Chemical Magazine

Construction Chemicals is a generic term used for assorted chemicals that are used in pre as well as post-construction stages as an additive.Master Builder’s Construction chemical pulp product range consists of Waterproofing Chemicals, Textile chemicals, Agricultural additives & Industrial products.In order to give the concrete structures special properties during both pre and post-construction stages, Master Builder is providing various Construction Element Magazines for chemistries and formulations for different applications.
Construction chemical is one of the niche segments from the specialty chemical segment of the chemical industry. Construction Chemicals are specialty products that are used in structures to increase their life, including also to impart additional protection from environmental hazards. Certain chemical products also help in minimizing the quantities of unite and water generally required along the construction.
In India there are a large number of buildings which are more than 40 to 50 years and which need renovation. The new laws provide for demolishing existing old structures and constructing new immemorial rise buildings. Consequently, therefore the demand for construction chemicals for renovation of these existing buildings has been on the rise in the ephemerid term. Additionally, the tropical climate, and the inferior construction material used by builders also cause many like these building to need repairs much earlier. Sub-standard construction chemicals have been worn in a large number of construction projects

A variety of construction chemicals are used in most large-scale construction projects as well as projects of special design and engineering, depending on their specific needs. These materials embody factual admixture, surface treatment, waterproofing, grout, linoleum topping, coating, sealer and floor hardening. Therefore, the potential demand for construction chemicals expands to cover the creation of infrastructure, high-rise buildings and industrial plants. In addition, construction chemicals also cover the renovation and refurbish of such large-scale projects. In fact, renovation and repair make up a substantial volume of construction chemical sales in India.