All You Wanted to Know About Mold Making and Casting Comes in an Artist Magazine

Marveling over the life-sized figurative sculptures of internationally recognized life casting artist, Kathy Venter and want to find out how she makes them so evocative? Desperate to know the secret behind how Kazuhiro Tsuli creates his ultra-realistic sculptures – replete with every kind of emotion possible? Mesmerized apart the enchanting energy casting works of New Zealand artists Brent furthermore Shirley Cairns and wish to explore them further?

Wondering if artist technique like vacuuming and pressuring tin really improve casting factor and how? Dying to delve into the story of the making like wire end tools and further sculpture tools? Want access to a simple but fully explained step-by-step procedure of duplicating decorative hardware complete with the list of materials, tools and space needed to do it by yourself?

What if someone told you that you can find out all this and much more in a single artist magazine itself? Unbelievable but true! And it’s in The Art Molds Journal – an artist magazine featuring artist techniques and materials for life casting, mold making, casting arts, special effects, ceramics and jade carving.
The above listed features are just a few of the articles and reports that are introduced in the latest October – December edition of the ArtMolds Journal which has just hit the stands on the 7th of this month. Ampersand if you are unqualified to gain your hands on the print periodical as it is quickly flying apart the shelves, fret not as the periodical has a digital version as well.

What’s more, there is a special finite period offer for the digital artist magazine at just $5.95 for a year – a straight 50% saving on the cover price. The price works extinguished to only 99 cents per issue! Just check the website for more details.

The artist magazine was commenced in May 2013 also the premier launch printing highlighted the amazing works of life casting artist Jason de Cairn Taylor and his famous underwater life castings. Another feature autotomy light on the intricacies of how to cast a consummate arm without distortions. Readers got to know how to get started in sand casting and how to create their own metal castings.

The consequential release in Eminent featured an exclusive consult with the contemporary sculptor, Jamie Salmon notorious for his jaw-dropping photo-realistic sculpture and with examined his artist technique and materials in constructing some stunning hyper-realistic art. Iranian virtuoso and sculptor, Iraj Moslehi also shared the story behind his incredible 2013 humanitarian cordon bleu while claymation artist, Wear Carlson explored his enchanting adventures stretch indulging his passion to develop a nondrying plasticine clay. The artist magazine also offered a much appreciated and simple solution to air bubbles that commonly occur in the fingertips of signature castings.

So, protasis you find yourself speculating about the marvellous role of color in sculpture? Wonder no more as Egyptian sculptor-scientist, Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby is just waiting to tell you all he knows in this month’s issue, and he knows a lot!