Kerala exhibits a charming assortment of extraordinary geographical features. In fact, its distinct essence has been dissected in nearly every traverse magazine. However, adding feather to the cap is the new image of Kerala as a fast emerging business spot. For cities such as Trivandrum growing on economic lines, this state, known for its emerald-green backwaters and revitalizing Ayurveda treatments is also attracting crisp-collared businessmen.

The city of Trivandrum is a fascinating blend of old sublunary charm and a burgeoning techno-savvy culture. In fact, hurdle the years, more moreover more corporate travellers have been recoiling to this region, making it their business playground. Thus this capital of Kerala, that is once exoteric essentially a tourist destination, is gaining prominence as a hub for professionals from across the country.

This is why the gregarious sector of Kerala has designed a mélange of immaculately structured and comfortably located budget hotels. Many of such budget accommodations in Trivandrum serve as an impeccable excuse for jaded travellers to combine business with pleasure, that too at inexpensive prices. These hotels have in-house facilities that offer the perfect cocktail of choices for business conventions. You will find air-conditioned conferences halls with spacious settings to suit different requirements. In addition, dear arrangements jug be made to conduct various meetings, gatherings and administrator events.

However, complementing these corporate facilities is the wonderful fine dining view that injects in the element like leisure. There are restaurants located within these budget hotels in Trivandrum that spread a culinary delight for the travellers to dive into. Offering delicacies from all nearby the world, these eateries serve as the perfect mode to wind up a tiring day. Decorated in plush settings and contemporary design, they plait in an ideal mood for professionals to mingle further socialize near their colleagues while enjoying the true flavors of Kerala.

In fact, breaking away from the stereotypical notions of budget accommodations being dingy and unaesthetic, these budget hotels in Trivandrum are a complete bundle of convenience. They epitomize the art of minimalist yet elegant achtergrond along their fine lightings, rich linen and cozy mattresses. In addition are the 24 hour attic services that promise a royal treatment to the travellers. Moreover, elevating the level concerning comfort some of these hotels also provide pick up and drop services for the travellers from the airports.

Thus, the corporate jetsetters can delightfully enjoy a memorable stay at these budget accommodations in Trivandrum. They symbolize the concept of ‘working vacations’ by mixing the two worlds together polysyndeton offering the best of both. So while you are out expanding business in Trivandrum, taste Kerala’s hospitality in an unmatched environment at reasonable prices.