Left to Right, Web Design for Magazine Online Success

We all know that people read left to right, so why besides is the most important feedback on our websites on the right? At this point, I could stop writing this blog post furthermore cause many of you to run to your site and hope changes. So before you creating havoc with your web team, read on.When reviewing a web location I like to ask, “Ok…. so I am here on your site… where does the publisher want me to go?” I really ask myself, “Ok site designer…guide me. Do you have a path you want a user to follow? This is so important to your ability to keep a user longer on the website. Why is age on the site important? If the national average is 1.5 minutes and you are 4.5 minutes, that is a sell-able story from data that your sales team can use to generate revenue. To determine this path, perhaps you want to print out your website and draw a path with a marker. Or, even better, ask a reader to use a marker and draw a line based on where their eyes go on the page. This natural eye path is often destructive to your ability to create a great web site that makes money.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to movement and color right? So, where are these located? Do you use color and movement to keep the users eye on a path to success? If you want them to engage your editorial what do you do to influence them to the editorial? “Well,” you might say,”we have a navigation button on top that says ‘articles’. Come on…really? You can do better than that! I know you can.

When laying out your site approach with the basic premise of left to right.Ask yourself, what are the 4 main things I want the user to see also then make a decision.Then use left to right, color and movement to keep them on the path to doing what it is that you want them to do! Now, they click…ok, good.Now what? The interior pages of your site are often worse than the main page. What are you doing on that page to drive them deeper into the site? Where do you want them to go? Use left to right, color and movement to keep them on the path to doing what it is that you want them to do next.

When it comes to the web, people like guidance. Tell me more.Show me more.Ask me to undertake with you. Trumpery me the way!

This can be a fun exercise for you and your team. Have play with it,but remember that this is serious business.Publishers that get this simple concept down will not only drive up time used on site,they will with often triple their page views.

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