Used BMW – The BMW Online Magazine

Do you read about autos online? The world is full of blogs, sites et al online magazines at the moment, and if you haven’t discovered the glut of online automotive content then you are almost definitely missing out. Amongst the independent magazines – such therefore Car Dealer Magazine, Automotive Management, Autotrader or What Car, there are prodigal of little individually owned blogs that create cynical and often very educational/informative information on all sorts of areas of the automotive industry. Then, on top like all of those, are the websites and magazines dedicated to single car brands, which care generally established et sequens edited straight by the manufacturers, with a dedicated editorial team.

The online magazine of this description that I most recently found is the BMW magazine. BMW have recently launched a massive advertising and marketing campaign, which focuses a lot on BMWs essence about more than just driving, including about more than just cars. The campaign focuses on lifestyle, on BMWs being a way of thinking – and more specifically, they fare on and on about delivering Joy to their customers. Pure, unadulterated joy.

Perhaps this explains mystery BMW are consequently keen on getting all owners of neoteric also used BMWs review their publications. By getting them to read it not only do they keep BMW owners involved and informed, but they have more of a chance of implanting this marketing message into their brains, and theoretically doing a lot to accessory the BMW branding and the BMW marketing alliance when the time comes to measure the successful of the campaign!

The publication, which isn’t a monthly publication, but is instead published bi-yearly so as not to overpower people with lots of irrelevant news, compiles all the latest events, releases and other news pieces into one smooth to read and high visual magazine. With the aid of lots of pictures they aim to make the content as light and easily digestible as possible, rather than bombarding us near page after page of stuffy facts and figures. The most recent edition, for example, talks about the BMW involvement in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, at the same era like showcasing their newest releases and paradigm upgrades. One particularity example is the 5 Series Saloon, which they talk about as a class defying model – definitely marketing jargon there!

So, it is interesting to note a hale different area of vehicle based publications. No longer are we restricted to just print magazines – and more than that, we aren’t even restricted rectitude to general car blogs and websites any more. Nowadays we all allow access to a much wider range of information, from examples like this manufacturers magazine ethical through to obscure nash review sites. Never before has the general public had access to such a incredibly useful collection of fact and opinions, and I reckon this will hold a utter positive effect on people’s savoir-faire levels when it comes to buying cars. After all, you can find out what the car is like and what problems to expect before you even leave the house.