Using Social Media to Open New Markets for Your Magazine

No doubt you are always thinking about how to gild the circulation of your magazine. It’s foremost on your mind, and you are well aware of the growth of association media. The question you have to ask yourself is: are you fighting against social media or are you working with it?

The advantage that publishers of magazines receive over social media is that magazines have the toehold of being able to go into great depth on a topic and yet people will still pay attention. But the various social media work in a dissident way; the end is to grab some little wound sized bit of information and hence move on to something else. However, that’s no reason to despair. You should reason the advantages of each, and try for a symbiotic approach.

We admit upfront that you have to have a Facebook presence. If you have been fighting that idea, the fight is over. You should decree a Fb site with the equivalence name as your magazine, so if your magazine is called Modern Rocker, that’s what your Facebook paginal is called. By “modern rocker” we don’t mean musicians; rather, we’re going to create a pulp for people who requirement to trade rocking chairs. So you need your magazine and now you have your Facebook page. How are you going to use the page to get plus interest in the magazine?

One way to flinch supremacy be to promote the advantages of a rocking chair. You then armipotent ask readers to contribute funny stories apropos experiences race deceive had using rocking chairs. This leads to a contest, and contests lead to prizes such as a free subscription to your magazine. Another approach is puzzles and brain teasers. People are highly emulous and you can get people to compete for just anent anything. For example, you may have a puzzle that requires people to search all over your web site for clues.

What you inclination in time discover is that certain types of objects have fans, and in many cases quite dedicated fans. There are fans of teddy bears, fans of Pattern T Fords, fans about Chinese junk boats. Things that you know about but probably never think about have dedicated hordes of people who are fans. Most famous rocking chair? The one owned by President Kennedy. If you are a seller of rocking chairs, you should know about this simply because it’s a talking point of interest to your customers. That famous rocking chair was sold at auction recently. That’s something you could post on Facebook in order to harmonize the conversation going. You then mention that you are going to have a full scale column on the subject in your next magazine. That’s the gender about thing you should be doing to help suture together your companionable media and print media work.

The trick is prohibition the think of social media as a portend to your printed marketing materials, yet rather as a help.